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FrOSCon 2007, Day 1

2007-08-25 by tg@

Where’s my MirOS flag, I wonder? Anyway, we finally got ISOs, I am fully under strain, and the food is good and the net working.

ciruZ did me a mcabber port, now I need to learn how to use it. Dropping all non-Jabber connections was fun. (He tells me to write “js” as name, as he doesn’t use that nick any longer. I guess you call it “Richtigstellung” in German press law.)

Benny is constantly annoying me too… I’d better go and eat something.

… the grill is dimensioned much too low and it’s hard to get the grilled sausages. Luckily, users contributed some Altbier, and other visitors went to the barbecue queue for me. Thanks!

Something seems to be wrong with manpages on the sparc. Maybe that could be fixed during the next build. No idea. I guess it could be a caste-align issue. I do not even want to fix the bootloder, the code is so ugly.

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