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FrOSCon 2007, Day 0

2007-08-24 by tg@

This is day 0 of FrOSCon 2007, the event whose planning of a “LinuxTag Bonn” started out during some car ride to FOSDEM. I’m not yet there, because I am committed to committing all the local Ms from my various source trees first, as “herc” (or rather rant) is a little working right now (after rebuilding the RAID several times during last night, which made me sleepy…) and I’d rather get it done now.

Expect a wlog entry per day per developer (well, at least me), and these are constantly updated (maybe, we’re lazy slackers after all).

*sigh* Benny updated the index but didn't commit the other migrated HTML files. This website just became more broken in a sudden.

Interesting: geocacheing now works, but CacheWolf cannot handle 4800 bps — but cu -l /dev/cuaU0 -s 4800 <>/dev/ptyp5 >&0 plus using /dev/ttyp5 as “serial” device helped…

We just ate a little and now are going home. FrOSCon looks superb, but a Live CD Image is still not there. It's closing time...

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