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A Good Day™

2007-08-12 by tg@

Today was quite the nice day. After sleeping long I started my day with style: chilly, having a coffee, and booting my cell phone, which I turned off during the night because I phoned the battery empty last evening… wbx called me, came over later (after some mksh(1) hackery: set -o arc4random was added), and we went geocacheing again. And hacking. The SPARC build’s complete, Ewe (that single-threaded embedded VM for Java™ which CacheWolf uses, that’s the application Dr. Pfeffer likes to use for geocacheing and I’d even use as a GPS navigator…) works natively on MirBSD — what more do I want? (Ok, I could think of some things, but I’m happy nevertheless.) I face bad future though: we infected wbx@ with the gc virus, so he’ll make me port X11 to FreeWRT to use it on the OpenMoko with his nokernel target I guess. *sigh*
Oh well, I can use his Zaurus in exchange then; that beast at least has longer-lasting batteries than my notebook.

I've uploaded the snapshot to /MirOS/current/sparc/ (the older one is archived at sparc9), but did not announce it yet, because we need to have some more persons actually test it and report success for especially the vt100 wscons change. The floppy image is probably going to die though, and installboot doesn’t like the miniroot (yet).

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