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It looks as if I finally have found a few cases of bad programming that caused the segfaults and other misbehaviour on sparc. Now let's just come all the former Debian GNU/Linux/sparc users. Okay, I've got to compile it a few times more, and pre-#10 I'd like to do one more code change, namely the switch from suncons to vt100, but… what the hey ☺ I'm happy.

I'm currently building on a 75 MHz SuperSPARC and would be glad if some nice person would send me one of these 233 MHz HyperSPARC modules that've been made by ROSS (I think), and some more RAM for a SPARCstation 20 UP – we don't support SMP on sparc either. And I desparately need 1-2 testers, since I don't use a monitor/keyboard/mouse zs console but “merely” a real DEC VT420 on ttya.

On HTML: see my rants about standards.

Anyway, despite the bugs found during the sparc compiling progress, our tree is in a pretty sane state and ready for release every day or so. I'm postponing it a bit in the hope less bugs will be found post-release, and Benny is still continuing his ports work, despite having to create slides for that talk at FrOSCon and doing his diploma stuff all day. Thanks Benny what would MirOS be without you.

I've still got my dayjob, and working with parsing, databases, SQL, and C string operations at the same time isn't really fun. But it's me who is able to make FreeWRT 1.1 shine, so I've got to do it. I bet it'll have been a lot of fun once I'm done. Just the way there is hard. So be it. On the contrary, my boss's got a Zaurus, and Dr. Pfeffer's geocacheing software (in Java™) runs on it. And he will not only make these trips with us but also lend it to one of us if he has no time but we want to go. That's the benefit of a small company.

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