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2007-06-25 by tg@

Before I forget to write this down… today, I released a piece of code I call libnointl. This was an original idea (and implementation¹) of mine, but I only got it because of swishy (Dale Anderson) who complained about his cross-compiling issues and troubles to me in IRC (I'm feeling the same when working for and with FreeWRT; he's also using µClibc, but non-POSIX FSH paths). Thanks for the intuition; if I get famous (FreeWRT and OpenWrt are already adopting it), you shall become it too.

¹) The API is part from gettext's libintl.h header — only from the non-copyrightable interface part only — and the ABI is re-engineered, using nm(1). There is one function actually doing something inside, whose implementation is from Dr. Dobb's Journal (but easily doable within a few minutes, and found at many other places on the net), optimised by me, and adjusted to match GNU gettext libintl's behavious, of course.

Han Boetes suggested to feed it back to the GNU gettext people… I guess they won't like the licence (MirBSD licence + advertising clause, but GPL compatible), as it's a GNU project they probably want the paperwork.

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