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We now have an uppercase Eszett (ſz ligature) ẞ in the fixed-misc fonts and my keymap; it maps towlower(L'ẞ' == 0x1E9E) = L'ß' == 0x00DF, whose upper-case mapping stays at L"SS" though. I sent the changes in the font to Markus Kuhn, hoping he will integrate them in the next stock XFree86® (and that x.org crap too…) version.

mksh is now a better /bin/sh for some people in Debilian who don't know of Korn Shell tradition. Also, it won't try to execute ELF, a.out, COFF, gzip and NE any longer.

Been working on FreeWRT all the time (even during the dayjob), so I didn't have the energy left to do more on the SPARC issues.

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