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SPARC port updates

12.06.2007 by tg@

Okay, since this thing is here anyway, let's use it to update you people on the progress of the sparc port.

The kernel boots and runs fine. The hardware seems to be okay, the new HDD (sd0) gets a little warm at times, but that doesn't seem to cause any problems.

I reliably get segmentation faults for a lot of things – usually things that access the network, more rarely during compiling. Can't get stack traces as the stack is corrupt.

Just to be safe, I'll try out the other 9 GB HDD tyler got me. Maybe this one is the cause of the troubles, but I don't think so. On the other hand, I might just try to upgrade the existing #9 snapshot to #10 via source and with NO_ADA=Yes set. If that works…

As I said, having sparc support is not a release criterium for #10, but it'd still be nice to have. I already spotted bugs… but don't expect me to hack much on it, I've got a dayjob requiring full attention and hacking skills (mostly embedded GNU/Linux for mips, though, but luckily most shell scripting I do is in mksh, and I can use jupp; no BSD make there though).

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