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This wlog entry was written on the flight from Dresden to Stuttgart. Flying is great: While it would take me about eight hours using so-called high-speed trains, the flight is only 50 minutes!

So we are in 2007 now. 23c3 is over. It was fun, even if tg@ did not manage to come. My security-related highlight was the talk "A not so smart card", where it was shown how trivial it is to duplicate a Swiss PostCard or a French Carte Bleue so that your clone will accept any PIN (they called it a "yes card"). As a user of a Carte Bleue, I frankly found it very unsettling. At least they don't use 384-bit RSA any more, as the Swiss still do. All in all, I attended a lot of talks. I also fixed a few bugs in the pkgtools and ported Gtk+ 2.10 along with dependencies. There are lots of circular dependencies lurking in the shadows there.

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