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Lacking hacking time. Puppet stinks.

2014-01-22 by tg@
Tags: personal rant work

Meh. I announced a tree breaker. Would be nice if I actually found enough spare time to hack on it before, I think, end of March (which is roughly when I’m planning to decommission both eurynome and, for monetary reasons (not going to do an OpenBSD here and cry about needing funds, as those who know me know this is a constant), the manitu server).

Took me 62 minutes to write a functioning OSIAM installer in mksh(1) after getting annoyed that the Puppet-lovers are either ill, not able to work on the project I have to finish by Friday, or not yet skilled enough to help. Got the entire thing working (but this week sees way too many overlong days at the workplace), estimate finishing with full success by tomorrow afternoon, with zero puppet but lots of mksh. Maintainable, too.

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