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Too much

2013-02-23 by tg@
Tags: personal

I’ve been doing too much lately, which has led to reduced performance and enjoyment. Also I’ve not been able to work the full hours of my dayjob, reducing what I had on my overtime account. I’ll be taking a step back and try to un-load. This is my notice, I’m not explicit on where, and I’m not cancelling anything special (not even those mentioned in the next paragraphs).

I’m disappointed with Google/Nianticproject Ingress. It’s frustrating (nothing lasts; also read this posting), buggy, battery-draining, sometimes too time-consuming (especially with only GPRS) and I don’t get warm with the Android 2.3 based Cyanogenmod on the borrowed device. Using it without a big screen device having the Intel map next to you is futile. I could go into detail but won’t. I won’t stop playing, as it’s a good excuse to go outside and combines somewhat with geocaching (unless you’re trying to actually play Ingress, in which case you’ll just be walking/cycling/driving between portals at maximum speed). And there’s that connection with Liferay…

Fun is important in securing volunteer work; bugs and other random happenings (example) can drain the fun.

To end on a positive note, I’m absolutely, totally happy with mksh user and distributor feedback, including the bug reports and feature requests, how well almost all people deal with feature rejection, and the speed of integration of mksh(1) updates lately. The only thing I’m unhappy wrt. mksh is my own lack of speed regarding implementing the cool new things I’ve been, as an mksh user, waiting for because I want and even need them for some cool programs written in mksh I would love to write, so I can use them.

I’ve got roughly 350 mails in my INBOX (all read, but most of them being action items; some due… before this weekend, evilly enough, the one I’m thinking of is GnuPG/MIME encrypted, which means extra effort to read it). Just so you know. (And a couple of other things that really could use some fixing, which I can, in theory, do. And lots of requests for spending real life time with.)

I’m still reachable via eMail and IRC (mostly), will respond, will try to persuade my employer to send me to CLT 2013 next month… just, don’t deadline me right now. I’m not taking a VACation either (though I probably should, had I money).

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