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pkgsrc on MirOS

2010-12-11 by bsiegert@

Like we decided on FrOSCon this august, I restarted work on getting pkgsrc working again and then, on adding support for MirOS BSD to pkgsrc upstream. The thing is, while our MirPorts infrastructure is, in my opinion, outstanding, many of the ports themselves are highly out of date. Having pkgsrc would free us from the burden of maintaining thousands of ports ourselves. Many of the technical arguments that had originally been brought up against pkgsrc (such as missing support for "faking") have been addressed in the last few years.

As a first step, I applied Thorsten's old diff against the pkgsrc-2006Q4 stable branch, which was created shortly after the diff had been made. Next, I am porting these changes to a current pkgsrc branch in order to get them integrated. However, this will involve porting libtool 2 to MirOS, as newer pkgsrc versions only use this version. Wish me luck :).

I will be on 27C3 in Berlin from December 27 to 30, even though tg@ will not.

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