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Bittorrent trackers, …

31.10.2009 by tg@
Tags: rant

TPB has never been a viable tracker for us… h33t lost my login data… I hope Scarywater still holds up, we’ll be adding Openbittorrent to the mix… oh yikes, Demonoid is down. How great… NOT!

At least I finally managed to release things in time, and during the night, both ISO and CVS tarball, forming the torrent, will be available to the general public. I also already know of some interested parties, from remote areas like Romania and Mauritius.

The explanation is on the front page, of course. This link is for the benefit of RSS or aggregator (like Plänet Sümlink) readers.

The files will take some time until they are up. I do have an ADSL internet connection only and they’re huge.

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