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2009-08-20 by tg@
Tags: rant snapshot

It’s hot! The weather forecast said 35°C, one of the apothecaries’ thermometres says 40°C, and my body says I’m ill. I also nurse quite some headaches again. So I won’t do/write much. It was hard enough to go outside to buy breakfast.

On the other hand, the SS5 built a mock-snapshot (QUICK_DIST2, so only base+gcc, no X11/ports/htman/…) just fine (with some fixes). Does anybody have any RAM suitable for a SPARCstation 5 for me? I cannot use that from the SS20s because they use different kinds of RAM. I won’t publish this, but instead use it to build another one for real, possibly combined with another i386 snapshot, with all the /etc/* changes after 20090812, and maybe fixing what we will have learned to be broken in the meantime. And Benny’s ports fixes (he got GNOME except nautilus — which has unsafe code in signal handlers — working, part of (or all?) Xfce too, etc).

Luckily, tomorrow is more like 22°C

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