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more about the FrOSCon ISO

2009-08-13 by tg@

I’m ill. I’ve not kissed a porc though, so I think it’s some kind of the common cold. Today, the headaches are killing me; I guess that when I finished the snapshot for the first time on 2009/08/11 night, my body decided it could relax now and let things out. Damn. Anyway, I’ll be finishing the FrOSCon DuaLive™/Triforce ISO this weekend, and there will be no binary packages on it thusly. Better that than untested or uninstallable ones. Users will, however, be able to get a variety of them from our download area (large variety for i386 built by bsiegert@ and small variety I’ll be baking for sparc). There also won’t be a new MirGRML (but the grml-FrOSCon edition ISO will contain a new MirOS bsd4grml, since that was made at approximately zero cost, since it “fell out” of the snapshot building anyway — and had me discover the manpage bug) this time, due to lack of that.

I’m hoping the headaches and other symptoms will leave me ASAP, so that I can go back to work tomorrow — as today is the second day, I’d need to see a doctor otherwise, which sucks even more (as it involves quite some money and a 1½hr-per-direction bus+tram+train ride), and it’s not that bad. I just cannot concentrate. — Retrospectively, I think I’ve been ill last week already, considering how badly I could concentrate back then (might also had to do with the huge number of small things we has to take care of) and the bodily condition… (The weather also has been killing me, fluctuating between 12°C and 24°C at night, 18°C and 30°C at day, cold/dry, cold/raining, hot/dry and hot/humid (extremely), with a few warm/humid/raining in between.)

Ah, if someone didn’t get it: the netinstall area now contains the i386=20090812 sparc=20090811* (tweaked) snapshot, which is what will be on CD, on /MirOS/current/ and everyone is invited to test that — especially on sparc, the floppies (all five of them), and maybe the separate five arch-specific ISOs too not just the larger combined one. And there will be buttons again. (Sorry if I made nōn sequitur — I do have a rather heavy headache right now, but just could not go back to sleep two hours ago.)

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