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finally, a new snapshot — Episode 2: the b0rken

2009-08-12 by tg@
Tags: bug snapshot

Yeah, a new snapshot. I wanted to update MirOS bsd4grml in the grml-live repository too. Like a good developer, I read my “git diff” before “git commit -a”ing. What do I see, the ‘-’ in the manpage is missing. Search. Search more. Curse. I mean, fuck. The whole 20090811 “David” snapshot has broken manpages because of a faulty merge-from-OpenBSD, who decided, in their infinite wisdom, to use “\(en”, a GNU groff extension. While Kristaps Džonsons (ha, jmc, I can spell that right!) is correct in that an en dash should be used at that position (separating name from short description), nroff(1) only has “\(em” in that place. Luckily, we already define “\*(en” in our compatibility stuff (and mircvs://contrib/samples/portmdoc), so we can use that instead.

The only annoying thing is that I have to rebuild the i386 part of the snapshot again. Anyway, as soon as it’s up (probably tomorrow afternoon, as it has to be uploaded from here first), have fun. I’ll change the channel topic.

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