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I have developed kwalletcli, a command-line interface to the KDE Wallet and would like public feedback, before releasing an 1.00 version, both on the source code and an experimental Debian package of it.

Nice things it can do:

  • get and set password stanzas in the KWallet via CLI
  • contains a CLI wrapper around pinentry’s Aegypten protocol
  • contains an Aegypten protocol server, pinentry-kwallet, which checks the KWallet before deferring to another pinentry of your choice
  • contains an ssh-askpass(1) alike kwalletaskpass tool
  • can be used in gajim and pidgin to store Jabber passwords in the KDE Wallet (not included; patches for these will be made separately)
  • plugins for other tools do not introduce dependencies due to separation via CLI API
  • nice, (hopefully) consistent shell CLI API
  • low dependencies: KDE 3 (for kwalletcli itself – KDE 4 might even work, with minor Makefile changes, but that was not tested), another pinentry (x11, qt, gtk-2, curses – all tested) if needed, gpg-agent if needed, mksh to run the scripts, ssh-add(1) to make use of kwalletaskpass
  • with appropriate agents, GnuPG 2 and SSH keys can be made available to pure CLI sessions as well, if one has logged in via KDE first (we do this at work on our standard desktops, courtesy by me)
  • OSI certified Open Source™ Software under a free, very unrestrictive, licence

Any feedback welcome! Direct it to the miros-discuss mailing list.

Update 09.07. – version 0.90 -> 0.91-1
I also crafted a patch for gajim to use kwalletcli, let's see if it gets in. More to follow.

Update 09.07. – version 0.91-1 -> 0.92-1
People who port this to KDE 4 (create a file) welcome!

Update 12.07. – version 0.92-1 -> 0.93-1

Update 27.07. – version 0.93-1 -> 0.94-1

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