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We’re now doing Font Embedding (MSIE4+ and CSS3 styles) with the already mentioned Gentium font, using Gentium Basic for the styles it doesn’t support (bold; bold italic). Sadly, if the browser does not yet support it, the bold formatting is lost in its entirety if Gentium is installed locally. I also tried putting “Gentium Basic” first in the font-family list, but it doesn’t fall back to Gentium upon encountering Greek or Cyrillic characters then, but uses some totally random fonts instead (something illegible for Greek), that Opera 9 stuff on MirBSD, that is.

bsiegert@ has tested it with Safari 4 from 北京 and says that it works, although his screenshot looks like browser emboldened to me (no idea… but trying to combine Gentium + Gentium Italic + Gentium Basic Bold + Gentium Basic Bold Italic into one font is hard.

And the Ⅱ U+2161 ROMAN NUMERAL TWO is missing… ☹

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