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Building a snapshot; herc on HGC again

2009-04-11 by tg@
Tags: grml hardware snapshot

Today’s snapshot has been built cleanly again, after quite some time without one. Also, a CVS snapshot was packaged, again, after a very long time. This allowed me, although I didn’t quite plan for it yesternight, to move herc back to the P-233MMX hardware with the Hercules Graphics Card. Its pckbc(4) is still broken, and the ukbd(4) doesn’t attach — but works fine with the BIOS or on bleu. Damn early USB controllers; I know it’s cheap crap.

demo’s building too, maybe I do a combined ISO. I also created a new bsd4grml to go with it.

Now I can basically order another 8-plug SCSI U320 LVD cable (or wait for the one I ordered six weeks ago… NOT) and move everything to tear… ok I’ve been telling that for one year and a half. But it is time. Just hard to buy these cables… on the bright side, it’s much more quiet in here now, even with the SPARCstation 20 running. Sometimes, its serial port even works, so venerable nwt now plays console.

Benny said he’ll probably be going to do a ports bulk build with the new snapshot. Let’s cross fingers and hope for the best.

Note that the FOSDEM ISO problems posting was updated with a new path to fixes10.ngz since a new snapshot got uploaded.

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