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still recovering

2009-02-16 by tg@

I admit I hacked a little for leisure tonight, but I’m still recovering from a rather bad case of the “common cold” (grippaler Infekt) so I’ll yet have to do some catch-up on my duties, read and respond to mails and other communiques, etc. So don’t get your hopes up too soon. But I could go to my dayjob again today, which my doctor gave me a permit to not do for the end of last week. Paid about 50 € for remedies and the health insurance *grml…*

Not exactly sure where my priorities lie at the moment. The computer related things will come a little short in the next while; I’ll probably hack some more entropy and bootloader related stuff for fun, do another snapshot, while trying to get tear finally done, but that’s about it. The debs are postponed, no matter how much a decent lynx-secure package (linked against OpenSSL!) is needed; other MirOS work probably too. (Except little things here and there; helping the users which give actual feedback, especially for mksh; maybe, once we have enough Qs, put up a FAQ.)

I guess I have some catching up on sleep, life duties, and non-computer-related activities to do, considering how much the new job and the FOSDEM preparations strained.

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