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I seem to recall that IBM Thinkpads have a movement sensor. We may use it as entropy source — not for normal on-the-desk use cases, but still — every bit counts. This is probably a Vutral-worthy idea. Someone should, really, look into that. Kabelaffe says it has few states, but both level and edge (timing) values.

Another thing Mumble and Murmur, which he showed me, could do is to collect entropy too — Mumble (the client) continuously records anyway (to intelligently try to find out when we talk loudly — it works surprisingly well), which hashed can contribute entropy (even with hardware mute it’ll get electric noise or somesuch); it could also hash the current channel conversation a.k.a. input from the network. Now I need to persuade gecko2@ to set up Murmur, the server, on thetis, and get bsiegert@ to port qt4-x11, as well as all the other prerequisites of Mumble, the client, to MirBSD. May as well be he ports both Mumble and Murmur, that latter I could set up on eurynome. At least it has more bandwidth than Kabelaffe’s home ADSL.

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