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Netcraft confirms: my IBM X40 is dying

2008-11-27 by tg@
Tags: hardware

Well, maybe not Netcraft. But I couldn't resist the joke, having been a regular Slashdot reader for years, seeing its quality sink, until I suddenly could not login any more with lynx(1), best browser ever.

This morning, I tried to power it on from cold state, and could not even see that password (machine + IDE) prompt. After I typed blindly, I was able to use Fn-F7 (seems as if it's not enabled that early in the boot process), but only for less than one second each try, despite unplugging the AC power supply again. Well, I made it through the boot and shut down the box cleanly again, but it confirms that it's not a heat issue. But what else could it have been? At first I thought that maybe the PSU sent too much current or something, but that's also not it. Perhaps Tonnerre is right and it's all Knoppix' fault ;)

Looks like I'm going to do some hacking on nwt today...

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