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small updates

2008-11-12 by tg@
Tags: security

/MirOS/current/i386/fixes10.ngz holds a new libm, with which you can use the three new binary packages (lzma, llvm, llvm-gcc4.2) I’ve just placed in /Pkgs/current/i386/ for your fun. These all have been compiled using mgcc-10uA3, as llvm-gcc4.2 is not up to the task.

The new “aalloc” area-based omalloc-employing pool allocator is still unfinished; I need to make cookies work and perhaps add more ifdefs to make it smaller for MKSH_SMALL users (installer, FreeWRT, …). However, feel free to read it and send me comments. I admit it might want to be cleaned up a little, but first it’s got to be finished. Do not use it yet; it’s intended for both mksh and libobjfw though. Also, I’d like to hear of possible optimisations or more security stuff one can throw in; the current scheme is the compromise looking best to me. Remember that it was written with mmap malloc (and omalloc — Otto Moerbeek zijn malloc) and malloc.conf(5) MALLOC_OPTIONS guard/junk/protection in mind.

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