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2008-11-10 by tg@

First off, the X.509v3 certificate for gzsig(1) has been renewed. While, strictly spoken, this is not necessary, it eases validation.

MirPorts now not only contain ports for various compilers such as pcc (which does not suck anymore), LLVM+Clang (which does suck, because it’s written in ugly CFrustFrust) and llvm-gcc 4.2, it can also peruse them to compile packages:

  • $ mmake USE_COMPILER=system # mgcc (C, C++), Default
  • $ mmake USE_COMPILER=pcc # pcc (C only)
  • $ mmake USE_COMPILER=llvm # llvm-gcc (C, C++, Fortran 77/9x)

While clang cannot yet be used there really, the script of mksh can use its “ccc” compiler driver (which however is experimental) as well as llvm-gcc to build mksh(1)… to native code, or to intermediate bytecode (with link-time intra-module optimisation and final assembly into native code).

The LLVM Interpreter lli also, surprisingly, works. No patch required.

This (LLVM) is for MirOS-current i386 only; Darwin probably just needs to be tested, whereas MidnightBSD and OpenBSD require some more work.

TODO: there is an LGPL’d lzmadec binary, C only even; do something with it, possibly to ease use of .clz binary packages. Recent storage needs have become utterly ridiculous.

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