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website fun

09.11.2008 by tg@
Tags: security

Now that the website is running on MirOS httpd(8), we can have some fun… SSL and such. The following picture may not be displayed if you use a nōn-rsync’d mirror, but can be worth the fun:

connection info

An ASCII connection info version is, of course, available as well, but images can be embedded more easily. For example, if you were to read this wlog entry via SSL (link provided courtesy to readers using Planet Symlink), the information would differ.

And if you still get warnings about an unknown certificate authority, CAcert provides them for downloading into browsers such as M*zilla Firef*x whose idiotic development team opposes against them. For what it’s worth, unchecked SSL is still better than no SSL at all (especially for entropy ☺) unless you think encrypted = authentic identify.

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