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Getting things done… slowly

13.06.2008 by tg@
Tags: hardware

While “the swiss are laggards, and the people from Bern are the slow motion of switzerland”, other things take their time as well. However, vnd(4) updates have started, and other encryption schemes (including a hardware-accelerated AES variant for Columbo0815 from #IceWM) will end up in the code very soon, as promised.

During hacking, I spot other things – bugs in the random(4) code, as well as improvements to the kernel and XFree86® possibly leading to my ALIX.1c board to be supported (thanks to for keeping me informed). And Benny fixed ports bugs again, as well as put security updates for Freetype2 et al. into the tree. Thanks!

FWIW: Opera 9.50 segfaults on me. It can’t be updated thusly.

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