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The ttftot42 utility I asked bsiegert@ to port was actually mentioned in some GNU groff documentation as a possible way to use OpenType fonts in ps/pdf manpages. I always liked the Gentium font (which we use for the MirOS CI/CD), and starting from when I first saw it, I hated anything remotely looking like the Courier font, so I guess this means that the PDF version of mksh’s online manpage will soon have a new look.

On an unrelated note:

	ppp[28555]: tun0: LCP: deflink: RecvTerminateReq(206) state = Opened
	ppp[28555]: tun0: LCP: deflink: LayerDown
	ppp[28555]: tun0: LCP: deflink: SendTerminateAck(206) state = Opened
	ppp[28555]: tun0: LCP: deflink: State change Opened --> Stopping
	ppp[28555]: tun0: CCP: deflink: State change Stopped --> Closed
	ppp[28555]: tun0: CCP: deflink: State change Closed --> Initial
	ppp[28555]: tun0: Phase: deflink: open -> lcp

(not using pppoe(4), to enable debugging)

For me, this very much looks like my ISP doesn’t like my nose or something and wants the ADSL (ppp(8)+pppoe(8)) session to terminate.

Another unrelated side note: MirOS ports/math/boinc definitively is able to return valid results to some projects (although some of these which work require setting the primary platform to Lunox, but I’m trying to get that bug on their server-side fixed.

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