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pcc sucks

20.04.2008 by tg@

I probably could compile mksh on pcc again… if pcc would compile itself. Hey, this one is about the contrary of OpenBSD or lynx, where development versions are stable… pcc should warn before cvs upping.

Every time I try to build mksh with pcc, either it’s totally b0rked or I have to fix it. Today: ragge doesn’t understand autotools. (He added a test to which ① gives a syntax error when failing, ② fails when compiling pcc using pcc as the compiler, ③ doesn’t show up if /lib/cpp exists (on GNU/Linux, I suppose), ④ produces a broken cpp(1) executable if it fails, ⑤ doesn’t even test for the thing it is supposed to check.)

Oh, and the charsets of the mails are b0rken. (WTF windows-1252 when I send UTF-8?) See all the ugly details here (XXX insert link).

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