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It has come to our attention that a good share of the available binary packages for the last stable version have actually been accidentally built against a (very old) version of MirOS #10-current, thus demanding slightly newer libraries. We estimate this problem being resolved when the next batch of binary packages for #10-stable is built, although there is none scheduled as of yet, and a run for #10-current will probablt precede it. Sorry about that.

An analysis of the code in question however shows that it is almost certain to be safe – for the purpose of running the aforementioned binary packages only – to rename libc.so.41.0 to libc.so.41.1 to quell the warning encountered (or one of them, possibly, but the most frequent one at that). The addition of functions was almost certainly not relevant for MirPorts use.

We apologise about the inconvenience. If you run into any problems, please contact us on IRC or via the mailing list.

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