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We are proud to announce the migration of the httpd(8) vhost www.mirbsd.org to eurynome, the VM already mentioned in the Developers’ Weblog. The MirOS website is now accessible via HTTPS (this includes downloads in a secure fashion), using IPv4 or IPv6. Due to no longer being hosted on a foreign operating system, operation should be much more smooth. CVSweb, AnonCVS and AnonRSYNC are now provided from a central place, and you can even retrieve the full website via rsync.

The links in the mirbsd.de Zope kindly hosted by waldi also have been changed to use SSL now.

All links to the 66h.42h.de domain have also been changed to point to mirbsd.de or mirbsd.org, as the latter is now under sort of our control, and the former being phased out to reduce the possible points of failure.

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