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paxmirabilis-20081030 (MirCPIO) released

2008-10-29 by tg@
Tags: cpio

RMD160 (paxmirabilis-20081030.cpio.gz) = 34c9a5913c9e69c8451d27d6ceeaa07cce6d3fef

Everyone who has been using the portable version of the MirBSD cpio(1), pax(1), tar(1) combined utility should upgrade, as the new version not only allows the executables to be called, for example, mirtar (to avoid breaking tools such as dpkg-source and lintian when they are in the $PATH), but also contains fixes regarding certain types of broken archives, such as these found in the Fedora Core 4 RPMs, which do not store the data content of hard-linked files packed with the first archive member but a later (the last). Furthermore, the ‘-v’ option may now be given multiple times to the cpio and pax, not only tar, frontend.

paxmirabilis is used, among others, in MirOS BSD, the MirPorts Framework, FreeWRT Embedded GNU/Linux ADK.

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