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MirOS #10 downloads

Tags: release

We had about 1500 downloads of the full ISO in the last 4 days, which is actually making our primary mirror traffic problems.

Please use BitTorrent to download the full ISO, or use the NetInstall ISO instead.

You can also switch to one of the following mirrors:

Due to popular request: the SFV (CRC32) of the ISO is 76D0638A, more hashes are here, and for these who still use the insecure MD5, 0afb38491f7557b1f7bc9ec8997ca5b4 should matche. Note: the CKSUM.gz file hyperlinked in this paragraph is, of course, gzsig(1)d.

Note to avoid confusion: the release CD is no Live CD, but we do have Live CDs. However, only development snapshots are distributed as Live CD. It would not fit on a release CD due to the size of the data included, sorry.

We’re really surprised from the number of downloads – seems as MirOS has become popular. We hope that the traffic throtteling/limiting methods our hoster has installed on the Germany 1 mirror do not produce too much inconvenience for you. Thanks for using MirOS!

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