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MirOS ξ relased

Tags: release

MirOS BSD #10 for the i386 and sparc architectures is our eleventh formal major release. Grab it while you can, either via the usual BitTorrent tracker, or use the NetInstall ISO (details on the Download page).

MirOS #10 focuses on Unicode support and a lot of improvements all over the place. The sparc platform is now fully supported again, and en par with i386 regarding the base system. MirOS thusly is almost a reference implementation of a 32-bit sparc OS now that Debian killed support, Gentoo wants to go that way too and the other BSDs focus on sparc64; and the reference implementation of XFree86® in modern open source OSes.

Read the release announcement, or the CVS ChangeLog files, for more information on this release.

Note that, while a lot of virtualisation software performs quite well (Parallels, qemu) or works (VMware Server, bochs, MS VirtualPC, Xen+HVM) with MirBSD, sadly, VirtualBox doesn’t. Due to a bug in it, a lot of operating systems do not work.

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