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The first-stage bootblocks (bootxx) of both the i386 and sparc architecture are now self-installing shell scripts that take an extent list (block spans) on standard input. This now allows to create, for example, bootable ISO9660 images for MirBSD/i386 and MirBSD/sparc (or even both at the same time) on a MirBSD/i386 (or even GNU/Linux/i386) box. This is another milestone in the progress of making sparc a full-blown, supported, architecture.

The HTML manual pages have now been split into a machine-independent and a machine-dependent part (or rather, two of them) as well. This allows a much faster release generation on sparc. Furthermore, related manual pages, such as uuencode(1), uudecode(1), b64encode(1) and b64decode(1), now list all of their aliases in the title and are hard linked to save space and generation time (and hopefully search engine traffic, who knows).

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