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With apologies to every Debian user who is still on sparc32, XTaran of Symlink fame has provided us with the idea: We aim to produce an operating system for 32-bit sparc boxen that is small, fast, stable, reliable and secure. MirOS/sparc is its name, and while it's currently being dormant, I promise it will be polished and shining in a short while. (I hope to get the issues I had some weeks ago solved, even at the cost of Ada support should that be necessary.)

I could use some parts for my SPARCstation 20 though: it only has a 75 MHz supersparc CPU and 128 MiB RAM; if someone has a 233 MHz hypersparc CPU (I think Ross built these) I'd be delighted to upgrade, and more RAM never is bad. I've got some SCSI discs from tyler, so that's not urgent.

mksh now builds with IBM XL C/C++ on AIX – Linux/POWER and Mac OSX shall follow once I'm able to test. Thanks to the person who wishes to remain anonymous for providing us the ability to do this porting work.

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