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mksh R29g has been released mostly to fix large file support in some operating systems (mostly GNU), which was tested for correctly, but the test result was not used during the actual compilation. Found by hondza, thanks! This stable version update also contains some other minor changes from mksh-current that don't affect existing behaviour (so none of the nice features shown earlier) which aren't that noteworthy though. There's still an issue in that -D_LARGE_FILES=1 is defined even if it's not required sometimes, which is fixed in mksh-current, but it doesn't hurt.

German penal and crime code, Article 202c, forbids us from “retrieving, making available” (and some other things) tools that can be used to gain illegal access to data or access codes. While we do not approve of this law at all, we will be forced to abide by it in a few weeks (once it's been published in the print version of the parliament's papers), so tcpdump(8) was removed from the base system. We do not believe providing MirPorts makes us liable for the actions of the end user, and hope no other tool in the base system is affected by this law. We will try to make politicians realise how bad that is, as they are effectively preventing sysadmins as well as researchers, teachers and students from securing systems. (Maybe they just want to make us affected by the Federal Trojan?)

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