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The MirBSD Korn Shell (mksh) now can not only be built by the GNU Compiler Collection, egcs/gcc 2.95, the GNU C Compiler, and the (quite gcc-compatible) Sun Studio 12 C Compiler, but also by the Sun Studio 5.8 C Compiler on a Solaris 10 installation. Adding support for other vendor compilers will be much easier now.

These changes can be tested in the -current branch of mksh (and MirOS BSD) and will be released with the next major version, mksh R30. Furthermore, a few minor bugs were fixed and mirtoconfiguration is a little faster and more reliable now. Some of these changes may be MFC'd to mksh R29g, whose release date has not yet been decided upon (reads: when do you need it?).

Update: Intel's C Compiler (Version 9.1.042 and 10.0.023) work as well and have unveiled a few minor issues. The code is now smaller due to removal of orphaned code and variables GCC didn't spot. (I don't like icc though.) And in unrelated news: while we do now support OpenBSD's new CVS keyword $Mdocdate$, we will not use it, so that the mksh(1) manual page remains usable on other operating systems.

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