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MirOS mirrors

⚠ This page contains old, outdated, obsolete, … historic or WIP content! No warranties e.g. for correctness!

Kinds of mirrors

The MirOS project employs various kinds of mirrors.

Website mirrors provide access to this website and, probably, the download area (/MirOS/). The MirWiki is mirrored, but officially not accessible on the mirrors.
Source mirrors provide access to the MirOS CVS Repository through various means.

Mirror list


Another list.

Note: distfiles is /MirOS/distfiles/ – where you can retrieve sources for both MirOS offsprings (such as the now-famous MirbsdKsh) and third-party sources (such as BIND, Joe 2.8, WineX).


CVSweb is usually provided by website mirrors. More information about CVSweb and the special properties of MirOS CVSweb is available.




click ... for more info until some lazy bum gets around and writes proper text here

Look at AllBSD as well.


none yet


probably none, unless allbsd.org offers them; we don't support it


probably none, unless allbsd.org offers them; we don't support it

Download Area

These are mirrors of the MirOS http/ftp download area. Note: Do not use or advocate FTP. It's a bad, ancient protocol and barely deserves to die peacefully. Use https, http or rsync instead, or participiate in BitTorrent file swarming.


All our currently active files can be seen on our Torrent page.

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