MagicPoint for presentations

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MagicPoint for presentations

This is currently just a placeholder page. I have recently forked MagicPoint because I needed to make deep changes as part of bugfixing and want to revitalise it.

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I’ll release MagicPoint 2.0 which will support (and, incompatiblily, require) presentation files to be UTF-8 encoded and generate texts etc. thusly (PostScript® will need help). I may release MagicPoint 1.2 to step in until ready, hardcoding the current state of affairs in Debian (Xft2 as the only font library etc.) but with trimmed-down and fixed code plus Mirtoconf (build system familiar from mksh and paxmirabilis).

Development is done on Debian and MirBSD. Some of it is sponsored by ⮡ tarent, some is contributed privately. Please also see my MagicPoint workshops:

Development is done in public, in a git repository: MagicPoint repository on Evolvis
Discussion and patch submission on IRC (#MirBSD) and on the miros-discuss mailing list as usual, no “pull requests” or other Web 2.0 nōnsense, please.

Wanted: This project originated in Japan, from the WIDE Project and itojun-sama. Some documentation is in Japanese, which I cannot update, given I sadly do not speak Japanese. If you can translate (or, even better, are an original MagicPoint developer wanting to join the fun), please contact me!

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