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NetBSD® makefs

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Homepage of the NetBSD® makefs(8) utility, MirBSD bugfixed variant.

NetBSD® makefs(8) – MirBSD bugfixes

This page is not ready yet; it will be with/for the next release, which will contain Fedora portability glue in addition to the Debian one (already in CVS) and fix some of the uses of “long” instead of “off_t” etc.

The licence terms will also be filled in by then.

Current packaging: Debian. In MirOS BSD, it’s in-tree, even on our ISO images and installer kernels, MirOS BSD4me ( and bsd4grml, together with a cdio(1) that can burn CDs in track-at-once mode. Both are 100% free of code of J�rg.

Legal notices

This product includes software developed for the NetBSD Project by Wasabi Systems, Inc.

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