The MirOS Project on IRC

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The MirOS Project on IRC

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. We normally operate two channels, one for socialising with other users and developers (German and English) with occasional on-topic talk about MirBSD and its subprojects, and a discussion channel for asking questions about mksh(1) predominantly in English.

We connected to the OpenProjects (linpeople) IRC network for over two decades, but the new owner (eight letters, begins with F) decided to pull the plug, obliterating infrastructure relied on in production completely, in the night of 2021-06-15, so that is, unfortunately, gone.

There’s not yet a permanent new home for the MirBSD conglomerate. For now, we reconvene on OFTC, which does not accept SSL connections from MirBSD so fall back to unencrypted (insecure) might be necessary. Watch this page, or the announce RSS feed, for updates (whether in the choice of IRC network or in the merging of a new SSL library for base).

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