MirOS Manual: lorder(1)

LORDER(1)                    BSD Reference Manual                    LORDER(1)


     lorder - list dependencies for object files


     lorder file [...]


     The lorder utility uses nm(1) to determine interdependencies in the list
     of object files specified on the command line. lorder outputs a list of
     file names where the first file contains a symbol which is defined by the
     second file.

     The output is normally used with tsort(1) when a library is created to
     determine the optimum ordering of the object modules so that all refer-
     ences may be resolved in a single pass of the loader.


     $ ar cr library.a $(lorder ${OBJS} | tsort)


     ar(1), ld(1), nm(1), ranlib(1), tsort(1)


     An lorder utility appeared in Version 7 AT&T UNIX.

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