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               UNIX User's Supplementary Documents (USD)

                   4.4 Berkeley Software Distribution

                               June, 1993

     This volume contains documents  which  supplement  the  manual
     pages  in The Unix User's Reference Manual for the 4.4BSD sys-
     tem as distributed by U.C. Berkeley.

Getting Started

Unix for Beginners - Second Edition                                USD:1

     An introduction to the most basic uses of the system.
     + 01.begin(USD)

Learn - Computer-Aided Instruction on UNIX (Second Edition)        USD:2

     Describes a computer-aided instruction program that walks  new
     users  through  the  basics of files, the editor, and document
     prepararation software.

Basic Utilities

An Introduction to the UNIX Shell                                  USD:3

     Steve Bourne's introduction to the capabilities  of  sh(1),  a
     command  interpreter  especially  popular  for  writing  shell
     scripts. + 03.shell(USD)

An Introduction to the C shell                                     USD:4

     This introduction to csh(1), a command interpreter popular for
     interactive  work, describes many commonly used UNIX commands,

                           December 24, 2022

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     assumes little prior knowledge of UNIX,  and  has  a  glossary
     useful for beginners.

DC - An Interactive Desk Calculator                                USD:5

     A super HP calculator, if you do not need floating point.
     + 05.dc(USD) + dc(1)

BC - An Arbitrary Precision Desk-Calculator Language               USD:6

     A front end for DC that provides infix notation, control flow,
     and built-in functions. + 06.bc(USD) + bc(1)

Communicating with the World

Mail Reference Manual                                              USD:7

     Complete details on one of the programs for sending and  read-
     ing your mail(1). + 07.mail(USD)

The Rand MH Message Handling System                                USD:8

     This system for managing your computer mail uses lots of small
     programs, instead of one large one.

Text Editing

A Tutorial Introduction to the Unix Text Editor                    USD:9

     An easy way to get started with the line editor, ed(1).
     + 09.edtut(USD)

Advanced Editing on Unix                                          USD:10

     The next step. + 10.edadv(USD)

Ex: A Tutorial                                                    USD:11

     The document to learn to use the ex(1) editor. + 11.edit(USD)

An Introduction to Display Editing with Vi                        USD:12

     The document to learn to use the vi(1) screen editor.
     + 12.vi(USD)

                           December 24, 2022

                                                            USD Contents

Vi/Ex Reference Manual                                            USD:13

     The definitive reference for the nvi, nex editors.
     + 13.viref(USD)

Ex Reference Manual                                               USD:14

     The definitive reference for the nex editor. + 14.exref(USD)

SED - A Non-interactive Text Editor                               USD:15

     Describes a one-pass variant of ed useful as a filter for pro-
     cessing large files. + 15.sed(USD) + sed(1)

AWK - A Pattern Scanning and Processing Language (Second Edition) USD:16

     A program for data selection and transformation.
     + 16.awk(USD) + awk(1)

Document Preparation

Typing Documents on UNIX: Using the -ms Macros with roff          USD:17

     Describes and gives examples of the basic use of the  typeset-
     ting  tools  and ``-ms'', a frequently used package of format-
     ting requests that make it easier to lay out most documents.
     + 17.msmacros(USD) + ms(7)

A Revised Version of -ms                                          USD:18

     A brief description of the Berkeley revisions made to the  -ms
     formatting macros for nroff and troff. + 18.msdiffs(USD)

Writing Papers with nroff using -me                               USD:19

     Another popular macro package for nroff.
     + 19.memacros(USD) + me(7)

-me Reference Manual                                              USD:20

     The final word on -me. + 20.meref(USD)

NROFF/TROFF User's Manual                                         USD:21

     Extremely detailed information about these document formatting

                           December 24, 2022

USD Contents

     programs. + 21.troff(USD)

A TROFF Tutorial                                                  USD:22

     An introduction to the most basic uses of nroff(1)  for  those
     who  really  want  to know such things, or want to write their
     own macros. + 22.trofftut(USD)

A System for Typesetting Mathematics                              USD:23

     Describes eqn(1), an easy-to-learn language  for  high-quality
     mathematical typesetting. + 23.eqn(USD)

Typesetting Mathematics - User's Guide (Second Edition)           USD:24

     More details about how to use eqn. + 24.eqnguide(USD)

Tbl - A Program to Format Tables                                  USD:25

     A program for easily typesetting tabular material.
     + 25.tbl(USD) + tbl(1)

Refer - A Bibliography System                                     USD:26

     An introduction to one set of tools used to  maintain  biblio-
     graphic  databases.  The  major  program, refer(1), is used to
     automatically retrieve and  format  the  references  based  on
     document citations. + 26.refer(USD)

Some Applications of Inverted Indexes on the UNIX System          USD:27

     Mike Lesk's paper describes the refer programs in  a  somewhat
     larger context. + 27.invert(USD)

BIB - A Program for Formatting Bibliographies                     USD:28

     This is an alternative to refer  for  expanding  citations  in
     documents. + 28.bib(USD)

Writing Tools - The STYLE and DICTION Programs                    USD:29

     These are programs which can help you understand  and  improve
     your writing style. + 29.diction(USD)

                           December 24, 2022

                                                            USD Contents


A Guide to the Dungeons of Doom                                   USD:30

     An introduction to the popular game of rogue, a  fantasy  game
     which is one of the biggest known users of VAX cycles.

Star Trek                                                         USD:31

     You are the Captain of the Starship Enterprise.  Wipe out  the
     Klingons and save the Federation.

                           December 24, 2022

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