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            UNIX Programmer's Supplementary Documents (PSD)

                   4.4 Berkeley Software Distribution

                               June, 1993

     This volume contains documents  which  supplement  the  manual
     pages in The  UNIX-  Programmer's  Reference  Manual  for  the
     4.4BSD system as distributed by U.C. Berkeley.

Documents of Historical Interest

The Unix Time-Sharing System                                       PSD:1

     Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson's original paper  about  UNIX,
     reprinted from Communications of the ACM. + 01.cacm(PSD)

Unix Implementation                                                PSD:2

     Ken Thompson's description of the implementation of  the  Ver-
     sion 7 kernel and file system. + 02.implement(PSD)

The Unix I/O System                                                PSD:3

     Dennis Ritchie's overview of the  I/O  System  of  Version  7;
     still helpful for those writing device drivers.
     + 03.iosys(PSD)

Unix Programming - Second Edition                                  PSD:4

     Describes the programming interface  to  the  UNIX  version  7
     operating  system  and  the  standard  I/O library.  Should be
- UNIX is a registered trademark of AT&T  Bell  Labora-
tories in the USA and other countries.

                             April 3, 2017

PSD Contents

     supplemented by Kernighan and  Pike,  ``The  UNIX  Programming
     Environment'',  Prentice-Hall, 1984 and especially by the Pro-
     grammer Reference  Manual  section  2  (system  calls)  and  3
     (library routines). + 04.uprog(PSD)

Berkeley Software Architecture Manual (4.4 Edition)                PSD:5

     A concise and terse description of the system  call  interface
     provided  in  Berkeley  Unix, as revised for 4.4BSD. This will
     never be a best seller. + 05.sysman(PSD)

Languages in common use

The C Programming Language - Reference Manual                      PSD:6

     Official statement of the syntax of C. Should be  supplemented
     by  ``The  C  Programming  Language,'' B.W. Kernighan and D.M.
     Ritchie, Prentice-Hall, 1978, that contains a tutorial  intro-
     duction and many examples. + 06.Clang(PSD) + mgcc(1)

C Reference Manual                                                PSD:23

     1977 Excerpt from Dennis M. Ritchie about C. + 23.Cknr(PSD)

Berkeley Pascal User's Manual                                      PSD:7

     An implementation of this language  popular  for  learning  to
     program. + 07.pascal(PSD) + gpc(1)

A Portable Fortran 77 Compiler                                     PSD:8

     A revised version of the document which originally appeared in
     Volume  2b  of  the  Bell  Labs  documentation;  this  version
     reflects the work done at Berkeley. + 08.f77(PSD)

Introduction to the f77 I/O Library                                PSD:9

     A description of the revised input/output library for  Fortran
     77, reflecting work carried out at Berkeley. + 09.f77io(PSD)

Programming Tools

Debugging with GDB: The GNU Source-Level Debugger                 PSD:10

     How to debug programs using the source level  gdb(1)  debugger

                             April 3, 2017

                                                            PSD Contents

     (or  how  to  debug programs without having to know much about
     machine language).

A Tutorial Introduction to ADB                                    PSD:11

     How to debug programs using the  assembly-language  level  adb
     debugger. + 11.adb(PSD)

Lint, a C Program Checker                                         PSD:22

     Static analysis for C language source code.
     + 22.lint(PSD) + lint(1)

Make - A Program for Maintaining Computer Programs                PSD:12

     Indispensable tool for making sure large programs are properly
     compiled with minimal effort. + 12.make(PSD) + make(1)

An Introduction to the Revision Control System                    PSD:13

     RCS is a user-contributed tool for working together with other
     people  without  stepping on each other's toes. An alternative
     to sccs for controlling software changes.
     + 13.rcs(PSD) + rcsintro(1)

An Introduction to the Source Code Control System                 PSD:14

     A useful introductory article for those users  with  installa-
     tions licensed for SCCS. + 14.sccs(PSD)

YACC: Yet Another Compiler-Compiler                               PSD:15

     Converts a  BNF  specification  of  a  language  and  semantic
     actions written in C into a compiler for that language.
     + 15.yacc(PSD) + yacc(1)

LEX - A Lexical Analyzer Generator                                PSD:16

     Creates a recognizer for a set of  regular  expressions:  each
     regular  expression  can be followed by arbitrary C code to be
     executed upon finding the regular expression.
     + 16.lex(PSD) + lex(1)

The M4 Macro Processor                                            PSD:17

     M4 is a macro processor useful in  its  own  right  and  as  a

                             April 3, 2017

PSD Contents

     front-end for C, Ratfor, and Cobol. + 17.m4(PSD) + m4(1)

gprof: a Call Graph Execution Profiler                            PSD:18

     A program to show the call graph and execution time of a  pro-
     gram.  Indispensable  aid  for  improving  the running time of
     almost everything.

Programming Libraries

Screen Updating and Cursor Movement Optimization                  PSD:19

     Describes the curses  package,  an  aid  for  writing  screen-
     oriented, terminal-independent programs. + 19.curses(PSD)

General Reference

An Introductory 4.4BSD Interprocess Communication Tutorial        PSD:20

     How to write programs that use the Interprocess  Communication
     Facilities of 4.4BSD. + 20.ipctut(PSD)

An Advanced 4.4BSD Interprocess Communication Tutorial            PSD:21

     The reference document (with some examples) for the  Interpro-
     cess Communication Facilities of 4.4BSD. + 21.ipc(PSD)

                             April 3, 2017

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