MirOS Manual: vwaitforio(9)

VWAITFORIO(9)                 BSD Kernel Manual                  VWAITFORIO(9)


     vwaitforio - wait for all outstanding asynchronous writes


     #include <sys/types.h>
     #include <sys/vnode.h>

     vwaitforio(struct vnode *vp, int slpflag, char *wmesg, int slptimeo);


     The vwaitforio() call sleeps until all asynchronous writes associated
     with the vnode vp finish. This is used by functions that need to make
     sure that the writes they initiated have completed.

     The vwaitforio() call sleeps at priority PRIBIO + 1 . The slpflag, wmesg,
     and slptimeo arguments indicate flags to be passed to tsleep(9).

     This function must be called at splbio(9).

     It may be important to ensure that no other process submits asynchronous
     writes while a process is waiting for I/O on this vnode. Otherwise,
     vwaitforio() may never return.


     The vwaitforio() function returns 0 on success. See tsleep(9) for possi-
     ble error returns.


     tsleep(9), vnode(9)

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