MirOS Manual: vdevgone(9)

VDEVGONE(9)                   BSD Kernel Manual                    VDEVGONE(9)


     vdevgone - revoke all specified minor numbered vnodes for a device


     #include <sys/param.h>
     #include <sys/vnode.h>

     vdevgone(int maj, int minl, int minh, enum vtype type);


     The vdevgone() function will revoke all the vnodes corresponding to the
     specified minor number range for the device with a major number of maj
     and of type type.

     Its arguments are:

     maj       The major number of the device.

     minl      The lowest minor number for the device to be revoked.

     minh      The highest minor number for the device to be revoked.

     type      The type of the device; this must be one of:

               VBLK      Device is a block device

               VCHR      Device is a character device

     The endpoints specified by minl and minh are inclusive.


     vfinddev(9), vnode(9)


     This man page was originally written for OpenBSD.

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