MirOS Manual: inittodr(9)

INITTODR(9)                   BSD Kernel Manual                    INITTODR(9)


     inittodr - initialize system time


     inittodr(time_t base);


     The inittodr() function determines the time and sets the system clock. It
     tries to pick the correct time using a set of heuristics that examine the
     system's battery-backed clock and the time reported by the file system,
     as given in base. Those heuristics include:

     •   If the battery-backed clock has a valid time, it is used.

     •   If the battery-backed clock does not have a valid time, and the time
         provided in base is within reason, base is used as the current time.

     •   If the battery-backed clock appears invalid, and base appears nonsen-
         sical or was not provided (was given as zero), an arbitrary base
         (typically some time in the late 1970s) will be used.

     Once a system time has been determined, it is stored in the time vari-


     The inittodr() function prints diagnostic messages if it has trouble
     figuring out the system time. Conditions that can cause diagnostic mes-
     sages to be printed include:

     •   The battery-backed clock's time appears nonsensical.

     •   The base time appears nonsensical.

     •   The base time and the battery-backed clock's time differ by a large


     resettodr(9), time(9)


     On many systems, inittodr() has to convert from a time expressed in terms
     of year, month, day, hours, minutes, and seconds to time, expressed in
     seconds. Many of the implementations could share code, but do not.

     Each system's heuristics for picking the correct time are slightly dif-

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