MirOS Manual: dostartuphooks(9)

DOSTARTUPHOOKS(9)             BSD Kernel Manual              DOSTARTUPHOOKS(9)


     dostartuphooks - run all startup hooks


     #include <sys/types.h>
     #include <sys/systm.h>



     The dostartuphooks() function invokes all startup hooks established using
     the startuphook_establish(9) function. Startup hooks are called in order,
     i.e., the startup hook established first will be called first.

     This function is called from main() with interrupts turned on. It is
     called immediately before the system configures its root and swap dev-
     ices, but fully after all normal autoconfiguration. This can be used to
     let device subsystems needing delayed configuration (e.g., due to very
     long initialization times) still provide the root device. The I2O system,
     implemented by the iop(4) and ioprbs(4) drivers, is a good example.

     Startup hooks are, like shutdown hooks, implemented via the more general
     dohooks(9) API.


     iop(4), ioprbs(4), dohooks(9), doshutdownhooks(9),

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