MirOS Manual: usbdevs(8)

USBDEVS(8)               BSD System Manager's Manual                USBDEVS(8)


     usbdevs - show USB devices connected to the system


     usbdevs [-dv] [-a addr] [-f dev]


     usbdevs prints a listing of all USB devices connected to the system with
     some information about each device. The indentation of each line indi-
     cates its distance from the root.

     The options are as follows:

     -a addr     Only print information about the device at the given address.

     -d          Show the device drivers associated with each device.

     -f dev      Only print information for the given USB controller.

     -v          Be verbose.


     /dev/usb[0-9]                     Default USB controllers.




     The usbdevs command appeared in OpenBSD 2.7.

MirOS BSD #10-current          October 15, 2000                              1

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