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TTYFLAGS(8)              BSD System Manager's Manual               TTYFLAGS(8)


     ttyflags - set device-specific flags for terminals


     ttyflags [-pv] [-a | tty ...]


     ttyflags sets the device-specific flags for terminals, based on the flags
     found on the terminal's line in /etc/ttys.

     The options are as follows:

     -a      Set the flags for all terminals in /etc/ttys.

     -p      Print out flag information about each terminal, instead of set-
             ting anything.

     -v      Be verbose about what the terminal's flags will be set to.

     The tty arguments are optional, but must not be specified if the -a flag
     is used. If specified, the tty arguments should be the base names of the
     ttys, as found in /etc/ttys.




     getttyent(3), ttys(5)


     The ttyflags utility appeared in NetBSD 0.9A.


     The conditions on which to report an error are ill-defined. ttyflags
     tries to report all significant errors, perhaps going over-board at

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