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TRACEROUTE6(8)           BSD System Manager's Manual            TRACEROUTE6(8)


     traceroute6 - print the route IPv6 packets will take to the destination


     traceroute6 [-dIlnrv] [-f firsthop] [-g gateway] [-m hoplimit] [-p port]
                 [-q probes] [-s src] [-w waittime] target [datalen]


     -d      Debug mode.

     -f firsthop
             Specify how many hops to skip in trace.

     -g gateway
             Specify intermediate gateway (traceroute6 uses routing header).

     -I      Use ICMP6 ECHO instead of UDP datagrams.

     -l      Print both host hostnames and numeric addresses. Normally
             traceroute6 prints only hostnames if -n is not specified, and
             only numeric addresses if -n is specified.

     -m hoplimit
             Specify maximum hoplimit.

     -n      Do not resolve numeric address to hostname.

     -p port
             Set UDP port number to port.

     -q probes
             Set the number of probes per hop count to probes.


     -s src  Src specifies the source IPv6 address to be used.

     -v      Be verbose.

     -w waittime
             Specify the time delay between probes.


     The traceroute6 command will exit with 0 on success, and non-zero on er-


     ping(8), ping6(8), traceroute(8)


     The traceroute6 command first appeared in WIDE hydrangea IPv6 protocol
     stack kit.

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